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The site that houses City National Plaza was formerly home to the Art Deco Richfield Building, designed by Morgan-Walls and Clemens in the 1920's. Its black masonry and gold terracotta trim was representative of the "Black Gold" of the oil industry.

Above the entrance were gold figures representing Aviation, Postal Service, Industry, and Commerce. Including a tall metal tower, this building reached 371 feet, far above the 150-foot height limit that was in effect.

Originally completed in 1972 as the world headquarters for ARCO, City National Plaza was the first major business center in downtown Los Angeles.

City National Plaza has dominated the downtown Los Angeles skyline for over thirty years. A walk around the 4.2 acre super-block bordered by Flower and Figueroa to the east and west, and by Fifth and Sixth to the north and south, reveals the impact and influence of City National Plaza.

Flanked by Bunker Hill to the north and the Figueroa Financial Corridor on the west and south, City National Plaza is the focal point of the Central Business District. Across the street are the prestigious California Club and Jonathan Club; as well as all the restaurants, meeting facilities, shopping and conveniences of world-class hotels.

At the crossroads of all the major freeway arteries leading into the downtown area, and the geographic center of all financial markets from Europe to the Pacific, City National Plaza’s strategic location makes it one of the corporate world’s most important and recognizable destinations.


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